DF200A 1. เครื่องยนต์เรือ Outboard engine

FEATURES Semi-Direct Air Intake System A specially designed cowl and semi-direct air intake system were designed to provide cooler air to the tuned long-track intake manifold while a four valve per cylinder DOHC powerhead with Variable Valve Timing lets the engine breathe more efficiently increasing acceleration and top end speed. Added to that are a […]

DF250 / DF225 / DF200

DF250 / DF225 / DF200 17. เครื่องยนต์เรือ Outboard engine

FEATURES A Powerful Advantage Get the advantage of the most advanced 4-stroke outboard technology in the industry with features like; Multi-Stage Induction, Variable Valve Timing, and a powerful 32-bit Electronic Fuel Injection computer working together to optimize low- and top-end torque. The industry’s narrowest V block which offers a well-balanced design that fits today’s boats. […]

DF175A / DF150A

DF175A / DF150A 25. เครื่องยนต์เรือ Outboard engine

FEATURES Fuel Efficient With a combination of our Lean Burn technology, a semi-direct intake system and a high performance compression ratio of 10.2-to-1, these new outboards deliver clean, efficient power. Compared to the current 175 and 150, the DF175A is 14% more fuel efficient and the DF150A shows a 7% improvement for significant savings at […]


DF150 36. เครื่องยนต์เรือ Outboard engine

FEATURES Setting a New Benchmark for Four-Stroke Performance Our engineers took advantage of advances made in four-stroke engine technology and performance in designing the most powerful four-cylinder outboards Suzuki has ever built. The Large Displacement and Lightweight Four-Strokes Suzuki’s talent for delivering high-end power from compact designs is clearly evident in this pair of in-line […]